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Welcome to Hilltop Veterinary Clinic, your local veterinarians in Virginia Beach.We’re pleased to provide a wide variety of veterinary services for animals in Virginia Beach and surrounding areas.
Size doesn't matter.
Big or small, you’ll receive outstanding service from our professional team, including our qualified veterinarians.
We care about you and your pet.
When you arrive at Hilltop Veterinary Clinic, you can expect quality care for your pet!

Welcome to Hilltop Veterinary Clinic, where we are dedicated to providing quality care for your pet.

Upon your arrival, our friendly staff will warmly greet you and assist with the check-in process. We strive to promptly guide you to an examination room as soon as one is available.

While we make every effort to maintain a timely schedule, unexpected delays may occur due to emergencies or extended care requirements for certain patients. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and assure you that the same level of dedication will be extended to your pet when needed.

In the days following the visit, one of our veterinary assistants will reach out to provide an update on your pet’s well-being. If you have any concerns, please feel free to share them so that we can bring them to the attention of the veterinarian

We hope your experience with us is positive, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your pet again.

During your visit at Hilltop Veterinary Clinic the doctor will discuss your animal’s diet and preventions. Here are some of the brands that we carry.

If you have any questions about these products please contact the office.

Veterinary Services

Wellness and Preventative Care

One of the best things you can do for your pet is to keep him or her healthy. The easiest and least expensive way to do that is by bringing in your pet for regular exams and vaccinations.

  • Pet wellness exams and regular vaccinations to prevent illnesses
  • Heartworm, flea, tick, and intestinal parasite prevention
  • Routine diagnostics for early detection of many health conditions
  • Routine spays, neuters, and dental cleanings

Sick Care

Whether your pet has an itchy ear, upset stomach, or painful leg, we are here to help. Our expert staff are trained to give the highest quality care for your sick pet.

  • We typically have same day availability
  • In house x-rays, ultrasound, and laboratory result in quick and comprehensive diagnostics
  • A fully stocked in house pharmacy allows for quicker treatment and recovery


If your pet's needs require specialized care, we can serve as the connection to:

  • 24-hour emergency rooms
  • Cardiologists
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Dermatologists
  • Neurologists
-And many more-

Hilltop Veterinary Clinic
Hilltop Veterinary Clinic1 month ago
We wish every one of the LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍⚧️ 🏳️‍🌈 community and any allies a safe and happy pride month. We can’t wait to celebrate with everyone at Pridefest on June 22nd. Make sure to come out and say hi to us and our sister clinic Kempsville Vet. We will have tons of goodies to give away and we may have even made tshirts for the event that you can have for a small donation to Hope For Life Rescue
Hilltop Veterinary Clinic
Hilltop Veterinary Clinic
Hilltop Veterinary Clinic2 months ago
We hope everyone has a safe holiday. 🇺🇸 We will be closed today and reopen tomorrow for normal appointments. Please contact the following locations if you animal is experiencing a medical emergency:

Bay Beach (Nimmo Parkway): 757-427-3214
COVE: 757-935-9111
Hilltop Veterinary Clinic
Hilltop Veterinary Clinic2 months ago
It is important to have all of your animals on preventions. Please contact the office if you are in need of any refills.

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